Mini Drone

mini drone

The World’s smallest “Award Winning Quad” has arrived. Absolutely, hands down, this is the hottest Little drone to hit the market. It’s so small, it fits easily in the palm of your hand. It’s so versatile, it can roll forward and backward and side to side. The included 2.4GHz radio gives you total control. The powerful LiPo battery lets you fly for an extra-long time and charging is easy. Just plug the included USB charger into your computer and you’ll be flying in no time. These little quadcopters provide the best giggle per dollar ratio for a toy that you can buy.


RC Quadcopter


This Hubsan RC Quadcopter has the latest 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity. Permits super stable flight.
Lightweight airframe with nice durability.
4-ways flip (left, right, forward, backward).
USB charging cable allows to charge by computer.
Flying both indoor and outdoor.


Phantom 2 Drone

drone Phantom 2

The Phantom 2 Quadcopter is the second generation Phantom quad-rotor RC helicopter from DJI and is bundled with the Zenmuse H3-2D 2-axis gimbal. With a larger battery and improved prop design, flying time lasts to up to 22 minutes, compared to around 14 minutes on the original DJI Phantom Quadcopter. This product will appeal to a variety of potential users, from RC aircraft hobbyists who want to record their flights to videographers and photographers looking to open up a whole new range of shooting possibilities.